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I help fortune 500 companies reduce operational costs by eliminating toxic workplace practices in order to stabilize employee retention and culture. If You Want Positive Change, Call Me.

Corporate Consulting

Dr. Ebony Parker Waugh Consulting is a coaching and consulting firm that services organizations as well as individuals to make lasting transformations in how they show up for themselves and those whom they serve.

✨Contained in our Courageous Leaders Group training (corporate culture optimization), we help Fortune 500 companies to optimize their corporate culture and create a great place for people to work together through a shared commitment of fostering an environment of trust, transparency, empathy and vulnerability.

In this training, we conduct an organizational culture baseline assessment and provide strategy recommendations. As well as collaborate on content planning and provide the training implementation schedule for the leaders (managers, directors and C-suite executives) as well as the frontline workforce.

Through this necessary and worthwhile work of cultivating culture, we are able to establish a work environment that helps people contribute and collaborate at their full potential. We equip leaders to LEAD with COURAGE, and create great places where people WANT to be.

1 on 1 Transition Coaching

💜Within our Empowered2BE coaching program (mindset & empowerment coaching), we have developed a proven and proprietary training that helps female corporate leaders break-thru their limiting beliefs and develop unstoppable confidence as they transition into Entrepreneurship.

Most are holding onto some negative programming that no longer serves them, so we help them replace it with new, empowering thoughts and beliefs that enable them to show up more authentically as the Fierce, Confident Boss Ladies they always knew was hiding in plain sight.

This program creates within our clients a healthy core belief system, utilizing tools of intention to help manifest their dreams and cultivate the personal power to sustain their growth over time.

About Ebony


Hello there, I am Dr Ebony Parker Waugh, and for the past 30 years in the healthcare industry, I have served as a healthcare leader. Throughout those years, I've had various experiences and garnered a wealth of knowledge as it relates to organizational culture. I specialize in the following:

*Mindset Shifts & Empowerment

*Cultural Change Facilitation

*Team Building


Optimizing organizational culture is essential if your organization's intent is to thrive in your industry. Having the right culture and leaders who believe in your company vision and mission саn energize and rеfосuѕ уоur еntіrе оrgаnіzаtіоn. Solutions I offer:

*Organizational Culture Baseline Assessment & Strategy

*Content Planning & Training Implementation Schedule

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